5 Things That Never Happened

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A fanfic challenge.
WELCOME to 5_nevers!
Claims are open. You do not have to be approved. Every single fandom is welcome! If you have an idea, write it and post it!
Here you will find a writing challenge that wants you to think about things that never happened. The idea is that you pick a character (person, paring or group) and write five fics (at least 100 words) or draw five pictures about things that never happened to him, her or them. They should all revolve around a common theme, for example, of a choice they could have made five different ways, or five times they could have said something and didn't. There are some examples here, here and here. You get the idea. (And if you don't, e-mail me and ask anything you'd like.)
Once you are finished, and if you want a pretty banner, post here with your user name, fandom and theme. I'll make you a pretty banner.
If you have questions, concerns or want to affiliate, e-mail me at lady_lilith@livejournal.com any time!

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