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Livin' La Vida Dorka [userpic]
Five Things That Never Happened to Lisa Hayes [Robotech]
by Livin' La Vida Dorka (were_lemur)
at August 29th, 2008 (02:46 am)

This fic is rated: PG
Fandom: Robotech (Macross Saga)
Characters: Lisa Hayes, etc.
Summary: 5 alternate fates
fanfic100's prompt 008: Weeks, 045: Moon, 080: Why?, 086: Choices, 027: Parents
Warnings: character death
Word Count: 121, 214, 100, 147, 100
Feedback: yes, please! Concrit welcomed.
Distribution: archiving, linking or remixing ok, just credit me and drop me a line!
Cross-Posted were_lemur, robotech_fanfic, fanfic100, 5_nevers
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Disclaimer: Robotech and all the Hayeses, Hunters, Zentraedi, and other recognizable characters contained within all belong to Harmony Gold. No copyright violations intended, I’m not making any money, please don’t sue me!

Lisa leaned forward as Mars loomed in the forward screen. She was almost there -- almost with Karl again!

Her father had been furious when she told him she'd decided to enlist, rather than go to the Academy. But the Academy would have been four more years apart, and she couldn't bear that. The weeks-long journey to Mars was bad enough.

Finally, the ship touched down.

Karl met her at the airlock. Though they couldn't embrace right there, his smile was for her alone. "I'm glad you finally made it," he said. And later, in his quarters, they made up for all the time they'd been apart.

They had three weeks together before a terrorist's act of sabotage shattered their dreams.


For a moment, the universe seemed to wrench itself inside out and sideways; Lieutenant Lisa Hayes had to cling to her console to stay upright, against the urge to scream, to puke, to let herself black out. Her vision went double, and when she turned her head, it took her vision a moment to catch up.

But only for a moment, before reality snapped back to itself. She checked her position. The hyperspace fold had worked perfectly; they were on the far side of the moon.

And then the collision alarm sounded through the bridge. The SDF-1 shook, as they hit something that shouldn't have been there. It took her a long moment to realize what she was looking at; the fold hadn't been as perfect as they'd thought. They'd dragged most of Macross City along with them.

"All damage control units, to your airlocks," she ordered.

"Belay that," Captain Gloval snapped. "The alien fleet is already turning. They'll be here within thirty minutes; we need to get our defenses ready."

Lisa couldn't argue with that -- with the survival of the Earth at stake, they couldn't risk their lives for the inhabitants of Macross city. But she knew she'd carry the guilt for those deaths with her for the rest of her life.


As she had so many times before, Commander Lisa Hayes headed down to the chapel for the memorial service for one of the squadron leaders. After so long in space -- so long fighting against the Zentraedi -- they'd become almost routine.

Until now.

The chaplain looked up as she came through the door. She saw the sympathy in his eyes, but kept her expression carefully neutral as she took her position. She doubted he'd have any answers for her, anyway.

And as he said the litany for the soul of Rick Hunter, all she could think of was "why?"


At least, Lisa thought, she didn't have the details of her messy divorce pasted across the pages of the latest issue of the tabloids. Carefully not looking, she picked up the copy of the cheap magazine that someone had left in the Officer's Mess, and dumped it in the trash.

She didn't want to see Rick Hunter's face.

She'd done well for herself, she knew; she was her father's daughter. She'd been both the first woman, and the youngest person, to be promoted to the rank of Admiral. The gossip rags might speculate on her "lonely nights" but with the construction of the SDF-3 ongoing, she generally fell into bed exhausted and woke at first light.

Without intending to, she found herself staring down at the trashed tabloid. Rick had been a friend, once upon a time; she supposed it wouldn't hurt to give him a call.


She came from the infirmary to the armory, and found Rick picking out weapons. He turned to her with a grin. "Two more days," he enthused.

"Rick, I -- "

"Don't tell me you're having second thoughts -- the Sentinels need us."

"I know, but I -- I can't go with you." There, she'd said it.

He looked at her wide-eyed, as if she'd just punched him in the gut. "But I thought we agreed, Lisa! Please, can we at least talk about this?"

But she shook her head. "It's not something that can be discussed away, Rick. I'm pregnant."